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EIFS Siding Painting Georgia

EIFS has become a very popular siding material for commercial construction and some residential structures throughout Georgia and much of the USA.  The appearance of EIFS resembles stucco, but it’s not the look that has made EIFS so popular it’s the flexibility for many different applications.

Like all exterior building materials EIFS factory finishes will wear over time and become contaminated with soot from car exhaust, dust, dirt, pollens, bird droppings and more.  One of the issues with repainting EIFS is the fact that this building material was designed to breathe.  Many exterior paints are design not to!

This is why EIFS painting projects demand very extensive knowledge of paints and coatings as there are many products on the market but only some will work with your EIFS exterior.

Important Note:  Some EIFS manufacturers call for an exterior finish with a reflective value of at least 30 percent.  Painting EIFS with colors that are not reflective can cause damage to the polystyrene insulation board in your EIFS siding system.

White’s Painting and Power Washing is a full service painting contractor service the Metro Atlanta area.  We specialize in cleaning and painting or repainting EIFS siding on commercial, industrial or residential structures throughout Atlanta.

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Cleaning Your EIFS Siding in Atlanta GA

Many factory EIFS coatings were designed to last for many years of service and you may not be ready to repaint your EIFS just yet.  We offer thorough power washing services for commercial or industrial buildings sided with EIFS.  Our careful cleaning crews have experience cleaning these type of structures.

If you’ve got an Exterior Painting project that involves repainting or recoating EIFS siding then give White’s Painting and Power Washing a call and we’ll come out and give a competitive estimate along with some friendly and helpful advice on your project.

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to choosing an EIFS painting contractor in the Atlanta Georgia area. We just want you to know that when you choose White’s Painting and Power Washing for your house painting needs you are taking on a motivated partner in making your building look it’s best!