Paver and Concrete Sealing


Paving stones, brick pavers and even concrete are popular because of their durability, looks and low maintenance requirements.  To increase the life of pavers or concrete hardscapes on your property it’s always a good idea to have them sealed following a professional cleaning.

White’s Painting and Power Washing is a paver and concrete sealing contractor serving the Metro Atlanta area.  We specialize in thoroughly cleaning and then sealing brick pavers, concrete pavers, paving stones and concrete surfaces for both residential and commercial clients.

Brick, Paver and Concrete Sealing Atlanta GA

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  • Concrete Patio Sealing
  • Concrete Sealing
  • Paving Stone Sealing
  • Brick Patio Sealing

Although pavers and concrete are very durable materials they can erode over time with exposure to the elements.  Rain and water for example, continually work away at the mortar that joins your pavers together.  Weeds and other plants can actually grow up through cracks in unsealed mortar and stains from oil, grease or other contaminants can look unsightly.  Sealing protects your concrete against all of these constant threats.

Not just for protecting your brick, paver or concrete hardscaping but also for aesthetics, sealing your pavers and concrete will improve the look of your property as it will be cleaner and more uniform.

You can choose from a variety of different colors and even textures can be added as well for looks or for function such as better grip in the winter-time or better protection against oil stains in the case of a garage or shop.  There are many concrete sealing solutions available.

When you choose Whites Painting and Power Washing for your paver or concrete sealing project you’re partnering with an exterior coatings professional. Our highly experienced crews will be able to complete your concrete sealing project to the highest standards of quality.  Give us a call today and experience the difference!